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At this moment, I sometimes don’t understand Africa and our mentality. Before you come up with all sorts of comments against me, give me a chance to explain my case.  I guess it’s nothing new, may be it is for some of you, but what’s my point here? I cannot understand that we’re spending our...
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  I fail to feel as proud Indian As do the Africans and Americans When time comes to proclaim as nationals? To show the world that we are among equals   It has become imperative now to put a strong show To let world know that we are zealous and determined to grow No one can push us back...
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Canadian Booksellers National Conference: E-books for Stores; Fewer Retailers Attend by Leigh Anne Williams Booksellers gathered in Toronto over the weekend for the third annual Canadian Booksellers Association National Conference. The three-day event focused on practical ways for booksellers to...
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     My first day was a success in this quest for the 50,000 word finish line that sits only 29 days away. I was able to knock out 6097 words today in a Novel I'm calling, "Escaping the Paradox of Justice." Synopsis:      This story features an innocent character who figures out a way to...
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For info on a National Writing Contest (for kids and writers of children's literature) and a FREE book giveaway contest for THE PRINCE OF FENWAY PARK a novel by Julianna Baggott (aka N.E. Bode -- HarperCollins -- spring 09) go to: http://princeoffenwaypark.com/teachersresources.html -- Sign up...