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When I wrote my first epic fantasy novel, I learned a lot more than I bargained for! Not so long ago, a publisher in the UK called Angry Robot featured an open submission contest where they were looking specifically for epic fantasy novels.  As I've worked for companies like Wizards of...
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Gordon Griffin is the narrator of the unabridged audio books in the DI Andy Horton series . Gordon is the voice of DI Andy Horton and the other characters in the Horton novels and is currently recording Footsteps on the Shore.  This will be followed by A Killing Coast and Death Lies Beneath....
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Following my concern over voice in a previous post, I settled in to toy with the story in question, which was largely in narrative - by my principal character. This person, while not as articulate as my normal narrator, is perceptive enough to cast his voice as he would speak. Problem solved!...
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I have been away a little while; an immediate family member has been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer--in a few different areas.  This is bad enough, but there's also a major deadline at work: tons of things due this coming week.  Of course. So what does one do when faced with all this? ...
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Audiobooks are flourishing, yet most authors agree the proportion of audio sales to print is very small. So what's the advantage to an author to have their books in audio?  "For me, audiobooks serve as teasers, or introductions to the series," explains Lee Child, #1 New York Times ...
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I’ve been slowly building a publishing company, Crossroad Press, as many of you know.  In fact, it’s largely responsible for my being here a lot less often.  I’m pretty busy with it.  Since I started doing audiobooks, I’ve been approached several times about whether I could do people’s books in...