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Sometimes, in our market-driven worlds, it's extremely helpful to imagine a different sort of audience: Sock-puppets.  Trees.  Clothes dryers.  And, of course, animals. I wote this after a long bookstore tour and in the middle of a new novel--always like going down a very slow river...
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  This may seem ho-hum during a week of new year's resolutions, bowl games, and the first nasty winter weather, but Nancy, a writer friend brought me a writer's dilemma yesterday. We writers are beginning to see passages in books and stories in which a character's inner thoughts are...
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  I hadn’t read an Elmore Leonard book in ages, definitely not since I began writing full time, and I’m planning to write a sequel to one of my mystery novels next year, so I decided to read something by him again, to size up his chops. He wrote Pronto toward the end of his career,...
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    Sutton, by J. R. Moehringer   Well, well. A Pulitzer-winning journalist that writes excellent historical fiction. One of the things that draws writers to historical fiction is a compulsion to fill in the unknown/unknowable gaps about events or characters and make the made-up gap...
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    It's books for Max, not TV     I spent the weekend with a brilliant and beautiful baby. His parents (once brilliant and beautiful babies themselves) don’t let him watch television, since screen-watching delays cognitive development in children under the age of two.  ...
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Science from Sight to Insight: How Scientists Illustrate Meaning  Alan G. Gross and Joseph E. Harmon, University of Chicago Press, due out in November 2013 Nicolaus Copernicus’s astronomical drawing. John Dalton’s molecular structures. Charles Darwin’s tree diagram. Dmitri Mendeleev’s periodic...
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Hi All, I was recently interviewed by the owner of a small publishing company on ghostwriting and writing in general. It was fun to do and it would be great if some of you took a look. It is here: http://www.allbook-books.com/BTL44.mp3. Best, James
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Raised From the Ground, by Jose Saramago image via www.cleveland.com All writers - the ones who keep plugging away at their craft, that is - will eventually develop a style and voice uniquely theirs. I’m told that Raised From the Ground was the book that did it for Saramago, Portugal’s...
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Telling the Story: Invitation   I A dear friend, Tony K,  gave me a Tarot reading on Friday night. He asked me if I wanted the reading to be one of “letting go” or one of “invitation.” In the history of our readings over the last twenty years, we always talked about the question inside of...
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Books are a forest and it’s hard to see the trees, except the tall ones or the old ones. But when you enter the forest, it’s the new growth that emits the sunlight.... Thursday, November 8, 2012   Storyteller or dramatic narrator? With a review of Elizabeth Zahzam's God of Wine  ...