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Those who follow events in Italy (or who happen to have read Roberto Saviano, seen the film of his novel Gomorra, or even read one of my recent novels), will no doubt have come across the phrase Terra dei fuochi, literally, the Land of Fires. The term is used to refer to the Neapolitan hinterland,...
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It's been a long time but I'm back. I will not explain my reasons as they relate to health issues. And yes, everything is fine with me. Thank-you for asking. Okay. Here I go again with my (according to far-right Republicans and a few Democratics) ridiculous annotations and subversive accusations....
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Sending the President out to make a deal is like telling Lady Gaga to fix the trade deficit for you. The results won't be pretty. Though he's erroneously been portrayed as a master Chicago-type fixer, he's proved over and over again that he's one of the very worst negotiators west of Iraq. If Obama...