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     "Stay drunk!" is one of Baudelaire's famous prose poems, and one I return to.   It was an ars poetica for him, about avoiding the dreariness of daily life and ordinary time through altered consciousness.       Along those lines I just...
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What is it about hardware stores?  Just back, sleep-deprived but well-fed and -wined from five days in Napa  at the writers' conf.  From the total silence of a cottage in the foggy woods to the sound of teenagers departing from the houses across the street. They mill around the front lawn moaning...
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Red Room asked us to blog on the best writing conference, to single one out.  But I have been to several of these conferences and different ones are good at different things.  I’ll list seven or eight here where I’ve participated or taught.  I used dollar signs ($$) to show relative cost; many...
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 I have been away, north to the Napa Valley and the velvet of vineyards.  Sat in my car at a level crossing, while the Wine Train went by, car after burgundy car of diners, elbows on white linens. Off tonight on the red-eye for the east coast, Saratoga Springs sometime tomorrow.