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A fine Sunday.  Aside from the fact that I missed the bed in the dark last night, hurt my back, and almost smashed Son Guy's guitar, everything was coming up bright here in San Francisco.   After dealing with my Email (which included a nice note from Wayne the K. promising a return visit...
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I watch Nancy Grace and marvel at the fierce love she has for her twins. I can visualize what she is like at home with her children: loving, devoted, and always with a watchful eye. I have been glued to the screen watching Nancy Grace's show on the Casey Anthony trial. Casey was a young mother...
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The spring I turned twenty-two, I was desperately trying to recover from a ravaging love affair that had changed me from a girl who was somewhat confident for her age and mostly happy, to one who was completely demoralized. It was not only the relationship itself, but the reactions to the demise of...