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What Am I Doing Here? 1. Energy is a result of naming what you care about. If you can’t name it, you can’t act on it.   2. Sometimes we’re afraid to name what we care about because we’ll be asked to act on it and fear failing at it. 3. There are cycles—times for flying and lying. Renewal is a must...
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What's Wrong with Doctors? Can it be Cured? -- Doctors, Diagnoses, and Archetype-Naming [For some years, I've wanted to talk about what's wrong with the way doctors diagnose, but it wasn't until I juxtaposed it with "archetypes work" that I was able to put it down in print.]   If you...
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confession letter to my life coach jocelyn by ananda leekecopyright 2008 by madelyn c. leeke. Excerpt from That Which Awakens Me (Winter 2009) dear jocelyn, most of my feelings have been in the land of overwhelmed with writing and completing the memoir. i don't tell a lot of folks about this matter...
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Today when writing a bio for an anthology that picked up one of my poems, I changed the title of my new memoir, again. This is now the fifth name given to this book, each choice emphasized a different aspect of the story (of my life) , or of the writer, or of how i hope readers will engage with it...