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I've always been funny about names. I think it stems from being left nameless, known simply as The Baby for the first few months of my life. I was last in a line of six, born in the middle of a party of much too much -- excess, indulgence, neglect, and tragedy. Still, it seems like a name isn't too...
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It started out as fine dining. Then, two hours later, scenes: Mangled car, a body with flesh exposed, shaking. Cops. Two hours can change how we look at the world as the world goes on looking for a moon larger and closer to us. Yesterday, a professional acquaintance had invited me for...
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September 19   Nameless Strange     I am nameless strange and you don’t know me, not anymore.  Dismissed as an unread book; sent away with covers torn off.  The bad weather that you love keeps you indoors eating hot curry and thinking foolish thoughts.  What narcissism separates you...
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[Spoiler alert] The most intriguing short story plot I've read is Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" because the plot is so integral to the compelling main character and nameless first-person narrator, a man who struggles with insecurity over a visit by his wife's sightless long time male friend, Robert...