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It started when we moved from Michigan to California. I was seven and found friends for the first time (my only pal before this was the 72 year old neighbor who let me play with her sock monkey while we sat on the porch and drank tea). And with friends came an awareness that our house was not...
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The True Blood Rolling Stone: Revisiting the Naked Photo Cover  I LIKE THE NAKED blood-Pollacked bodies on the cover of the most recent Rolling Stone.  In fact, it's made me rethink my stance on this season's True Blood.  Things in season three are starting to feel a little like they did...
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Hello Everyone: I recently had another Questionable and Disappointing Consumer Experience inspired by possibly deceptive advertising (but because I first saw the ad on the Web site of the Smartest Man I Ever Met, I have considerable reason to doubt the accuracy of my interpretation). It involves a...