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Attending Madama Butterfly on the eve of Mother’s Day, makes the story even more poignant.  The story cuts through the ugly, caddish American, the Japanese stereotypes and what is left is a mother’s ultimate sacrifice.  She dies an honorable death so her son has a chance to...
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You know you have had a really bad day when you are strapped into an MRI tunnel and that is the best part of your day.  I pushed the worry of wearing eye shadow with metal flecks, becoming spontaneously claustrophobic, and enduring a very long needle inserting dye into my hip socket to the...
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Tiny parachutescarrying secret wisheson a hopeful breath © Kelly Tweeddale 2012
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Sometimes winning is overrated.  Maybe that is because I’ve spent a bit of time in the loser’s circle.  Yes, winners get the wreath of roses, the flute of champagne, and a nice blue ribbon, but does winning build character?  I mean, does that warm, euphoric feeling really sustain you...
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Kids today have the option of picking a sport, individual or team, learning it and playing it.  Gender doesn’t have a lot to do with the options anymore.  When I was a young, there was no such thing as organized team sports or individual competitions for girls.  We learned the rules...
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Where is Martha Stewart’s production crew when you need them?  I mean, really, I could be very happy playing in the garden or in the yard if I had a set-up team to make it easy and enjoyable.  The planting beds would be weed free; the soil turned, enhanced and tamped down; and I could...
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I have often wondered if children play because they are happy or they are happy because they play.  There are scores of books written on the subject of being happy or finding happiness, just as many self-help articles, and there are people that devote a lifetime of study on the subject. ...
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As a kid, I hated recess.  I hated PE.  In both cases we would line up for team sports or games and captains were chosen and they would pick their teams.  Being a diminutive, painfully shy, and scrawny girl I could pretty well count on being either the last one picked or second to...
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It’s been a long, dry spell since I’ve posted regularly to my blog. Chalk it up to being busy, or distracted, or in a place where I was just unwilling to invite the outside world in.  The true fact is that any excuse will do.  So, I made a commitment and signed up for May’s NaBloPoMo (...
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Recently I finished listening to the book An Object of Beauty, by Steve Martin. I have to say he is a very intelligent writer, at least that is the word that pops into my head as I am listening to his words. The book was about a lady, Lacey, that is involved in the world of fine art, in...