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Art and business?  Redroom asked its authors to blog about the business of writing. Writing, Music, and Art are pure spirit and the only time Artists think about business is when their Muse is on vacation!! Read the handwritten letters of Beethoven and Mozart addressed to God.  Listen to...
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We have all been taught by well-meaning and not so well-meaning people throughout the ages that enlightenment is the true answer for coming to terms with all of the presupposed realities we will ever encounter. In the books we have read, the stories we have heard, and the spiritual suppositions...
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  According to Albertus Magnus, aka ‘Albert the Great’, teacher to Thomas Aquinas. , asserts the following: By reminiscence, sense, and imagination, the intellect proceeds from potentiality to actuality. When it acquires scientia (knowledge) it is the intellectus adeptus, (acquired intellect...
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 Hildegard of Bingen receiving a vision from her work Liber Scrivias   She was a scientist, a composer, a poet, a theologian, a preacher, a prophetess, and a nun. She founded convents, wrote medical treatises, performed exorcisms, and corresponded with the most powerful men of...
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As I said in yesterday’s post, the minute I started writing the Mystic Journey section of Writing as a Sacred Path, I knew I was going to have a problem. For one thing, mysticism is such a complex topic, with so many facets coming from so many different traditions. For another, it’s a...
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'Two Tears for the Joy & Sorrow of Living Life' Painting by Judy Jonesc jj 1986 A saying came through my pen long ago; 'You brag too much' someone told me. 'Yes, and female artists that didn't have anonymous on their works' thus my constant...