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Many years ago in another lifetime—the 80’s, I believe it was called—I lived in Florida with my then-husband, the author Omar S. Castaneda. Omar’s best friend at the time was a talented poet by the name of Jonathan Harrington. Jon wrote fine, deceptively delicate verse—underneath his simple,...
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Lewis and Clark used handmade boats. It'll be easier for you to get to Great Falls, Montana, this weekend for the Festival of the Book at the public library. You'll find a panopoly of word people, authors, and readers. What could be more fun? Hear a writer, buy a book, use your brain on a spring...
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This week on  Criminal Masterminds with Vicki Delany my guest will be the Canadian mystery author, and multiple Arthur Ellis award winner, Barbara Fradkin.  Criminal Masterminds is heard every Thursday on Internet Voices Radio (www.internetvoicesradio.com).  The show is on at 8:30 PM Eastern time,...
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I am part of the group blog, Type M 4 Murder (Http://typem4murder.blogspot.com).  We're having quite the discussion right now about promotion.  Please drop by and add your two cents worth.
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Please visit me every Friday at www.Murderati.com