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About fiction editing with an opinionated advisory. Fiction writing is difficult enough. Now, with all of the good and not so good people in the marketplace doing everything possible to entice new writers to spend money on their products and or services, writing has become more challenging....
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Toronto Star Mideast correspondent Oakland Ross writes about my path to happiness -- via the less than happy occurrences of the region. It's a different, more personal kind of profile than the sort of thing journalists usually write, which is perhaps due to the novelist's sensibility Oakland brings...
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Sandy straddled Jimmy's naked body in his dimly lit bedroom. The mattress was soft. Gray sheets had a fragrance of body sweat. He was exhausted and needed a nose full of white. She needed something more than Jimmy's Johnson. They had convoluted sex twice within one hour, and Sandy remained unrocked...
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People who don't know any better sometimes tell me that I'm a good writer and they'd like to see me write a "real novel," instead of my Palestinian crime novels. Usually I tell them Raymond Chandler once wrote that there are just as many bad "real" literary novels written as bad...
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My model as a mystery critic was Anthony Boucher, the New York Times Book Review "Criminals at Large" columnist who was equally prominent in the mystery and science fiction fields as author, reviewer, and editor.  Boucher seemed to enjoy every type of crime, mystery, and suspense fiction...
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No, really. I hate it. I know... we're supposed to hate it. Hard work is supposed to test you, make you miserable. I get it. Really I do. I mean... I love it, but I hate it. I can't stop writing. I have never been a workaholic at ANYTHING, until I started writing. I'm at work on a noir(ish) mystery...