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Crime and punishment in Chicagoland is today’s topic. Thanks to the Hop On-and-Hop Off Tour and the Untouchables Tour, Laurie and I took today, we were able to enjoy cinematic and very real historical sites with gangster-themes. My wife was the expert photographer providing vivid reminders of our...
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New year's makes us think of resolutions .... read more
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Turner Classic Movies is spending early Tuesday morning featuring the fine work of William Powell and Myrna Loy, MGM’s power couple of the 1930s. Included in this cable retrospective is five of the six in the Thin Man-cinematic series, and a wonderful documentary about Loy...
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Since Christmas I’ve been immersed in a nice big stack of brand new Velva Jean research books, including one about the MGM backlot, the most famous backlot in history. Everything from The Wizard of Oz to Ben-Hur to Singin’ in the Rain was shot there, and it’s estimated that twenty percent of...
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  Yes, that's me, making a joyful noise, even while there are Barbarians at the gate! (Yes, I'm going to be full of metaphors and cliches today!!) The joyful noise is because I'm just plain happy. I am making so much progress with all the dream work, gang -- the dream recall, gaining...