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My favorite thing about getting older | My favorite thing about getting older

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I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said youth was wasted on the young. When I heard it as a teenager I decided he didn't know what he was talking about and just envied those whose candles were not guttering out. I've lived a bit since then and now I know what he meant.  It seems strange that we...
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I love to soon grow oldSo that I need not workIn that job that I hateI can comfortably relax I can go to a TempleAnd pray sincerelyTo my maker with loveAs I can find time I will not be noticedBy the World surelyI can have free lifeDoing as per my liking I will be respectedAs a great old manAnd my...
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ME: The key to aging well is not dying along the way. DEATH: Oh, bravo, Mr. Quote Machine, but you seem to be off topic. ME: I’m getting to it. DEATH: Well, be quick about it. I don’t have all day, and maybe you don’t either. ME: Really? DEATH: Psych! ME: Oh, I hate when you do that! DEATH: Part...
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There are many things I haven't enjoyed about getting older, and most of these are about the body.  The body isn't as elastic as it used to be and things start to drift and slide, gravity an incessant and powerful friend.  Internally, the almost half-century mark has left its toll as well, a few of...