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There is no mistaking the first five notes of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction (Can't Get No)" -- and at any high school or college dance from 1965 onward, those five notes immediately got everyone up on their feet and onto the dance floor. I was cheeky enough in 1965 to forge an "...
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My soon-to-be husband tells me that I have a neurological disorder.  Apparently, I hear a phrase, a line of a poem, a funky word, a piece of a song, and I start to repeat it.  For a few minutes, an hour, throughout the day, and then worse, a day or two, I say or sing repeatedly the horrid and now...
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My favorite popular song for years has been Bobby Darin's MACK THE KNIFE.  This up-tempo song about a serial killer has always amused me.  I've read Darin's bio, seen the Kevin Spacey film, but still cannot understand how this unique song was chosen and recorded in an era on "moom, june spoon...
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It opens with an enchanting choral piece, sung in beautiful soprano, voices blending into an almost spiritual melody. Soon, the heavenly choir gives way to a woman with a strong, loud, smoky voice, proclaiming through song a message of the blue sky and freedom, and of death and dreams. The choir...