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I felt guilty enough to realise I could not bring about any radical change. If you need 'artistic' legitimacy for beliefs, then you are just scattered words, a riff, a mute painting. --- I learned my lesson many years ago as I walked out of her hut, her children trailing behind me in the narrow...
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Last night as I sat watching brilliant bursts of color explode in the night sky and fall in soft strands of red, white and blue light, I thought about what it really means to live in America. I have always understood the advantages and appreciated the opportunities afforded to me as an American...
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    Hosted by Katelyn Darrow and Caie Kelley, with the Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Team [Download MP3] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode] What do cobra snakes and brain waves have in common? Both are affected by music. In today’s Express Yourself!™ hosts Katelyn Darrow and Caie Kelley learn...
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Moving from Hertfordshire to the USA, into music, has just written a book... No today's show was not about me, but about somebody who has done these things and much more, and is making a welcome return to the show in the form of today's guest on "A Book and a Chat" was George Earl Parker. Unlike...
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  When she walked over to my table and extended her hand to me, I figured she wanted to dance.   She was about 6-foot, 6-inches tall and had to weigh at least 300 pounds.   I saw her come in the door a few minutes earlier with a large group of people, and I mean really large. They...
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On my notepad: a line from a poem? Maybe.  A phrase, a city street, nameless characters, their faces undefined. A plot that lies in wait.... I know there are finished works in these fragments. But until they are swept up by function, by the answer to this post's title, they are simply...
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June 8     Enclosed Space     In the echo chamber it is the cymbals which cause the most pain.  The drums resound, deep and loud, but it is the crashing of brass that drives me wild.  Cotton wool and sealing wax can not put my head at ease. Resonate walls with their...
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Some tips for writers here, too. You can find the inspiring story of an animation here … http://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/story-of-an-animation/    
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New Yorkers gather to honor the life of MichaelJackson after his death during Black Music Monthin 2009. (photo by Getty Images) The basic idea underlying the concept of Pan Africanism is that of cultural awareness and connection leading to mutually beneficial cooperation between people of African...
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Strange how we change as we age, becoming like the elderly.  I say that because I knew elderly people who, in my youth, bemoaned how things had changed.  I didn't see their point and didn't understand their thinking.  They complained about television stealing time from families and...