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Flute Lore, Flute Tales:  Artifacts, History,and Stories About the Flute is now available in paperback at Amazon.com.   It should be at Barnes & Noble and at Ingram’s by March.  The book contains 66 color pictures.  The Kindle and ebook editions are $3.99.This last...
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***Voting is on for the Top 10 Books at the Kid Lit Review.  The House in Windward Leavesis in the Middle Grade category.  At the bottom of the page is the link for voting. This is a wonderful blog for browsing recently released children’s books.***Flute Lore, Flute Tales:...
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 “No future, no future for you” scowled Johnny Rotten in Anarchy In The UK.  John, unlike Sid Vicious, has had something of a future beyond his time in the initial spotlight- I’m a singer in a punk band, get me out of here indeed! Sidney always had too much rope. And now Johnny wants us...
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... and I give you... (drum roll please)... the official book jacket of Raggin' Jazzin' Rockin': A History of American Musical Instrument Makers, out this April (but already available for pre-order at Amazon)!! A rockin' way to end 2010, don't you think?
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I had a conversation with host Larry Kelp about Cajun and Zydeco Music in Northern California: Modern Pleasures in a Postmodern World and about the December 20 show at Ashkenaz. I brought several historical and contemporary recordings which we played and discussed in terms of their relevance to...