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This is a digression. I was planning to go right to structure, but couldn't without discussing character first, and its musical equivalent. The flute solo in my last post, Syrinx, illustrated not only parts, patterns, and structure, but also character. We can think of it as a monologue, written...
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And within those small spaces? As a piece of music develops and heads to its conclusion, what about the bits and pieces that fill them, the patterns that emerge and develop into other patterns that make the work interesting and coherent? Brahms's Intermezzo Op. 117 No. 1 is built on very slim...
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What comes to mind when you see the title Tango? Do you think of the dance? Its melancholy airs of mystery? Its teasing sensuality?  Do you think of its straightforward beat beneath a tune with displaced accents, or syncopation? Before the music begins, and lines are punctuated by silence,...