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This is the first of three posts that update the lives of my three children, whom many readers know from my poetry book.  Johnna’s work was featured in a three-person show at the Traywick Gallery in Berkeley that opened yesterday.  She is the photographer of the family, the subject of the...
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The Best Thing I Have Found We don’t find objects – they find us. The trajectory of our life intersects in some way with the object in question and there we are, at that providential moment, bending down to ‘find’ it. Sometimes bending is not necessary and ‘walking by’ is all it takes.   That is...
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I was the first journalist to interview James Snyder when he arrived in 1997 from a sinecure at New York's Museum of Modern Art to head the Israel Museum, the country's premier cultural institution.Snyder had neat white hair, a trim build encased in a seersucker suit, and a black tie. This, in a...
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I thought of Herriman the other day while reading an Associated Press story that ``multiracial Americans have become the fastest-growing demographic group.'' Herriman was born in New Orleans in 1880. He has been described as of Creole African-American ancestry. He was multiracial and the creator of...