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Lila Klapman's "Muse" is, for me, one of the stand out sculptural pieces in this year 's Open Studios Art Tour 2009 - on display 2581 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Final weekend: Oct. 17 & 18, 11 AM - 6 PM. Lila is catalog artist #92.
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In day-to-day living changes are subtle and often go unnoticed.  We move about our business and seldom reflect.  Each moment is a story unfolding that often goes untold.  For each new thing we learn, each story we hear or create, there are thousands more.   Like a photograph, we capture but a...
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As I am working on my novel, I find myself playing the story out like a movie in my head and doing my best to describe or narrate that movie to the reader.  It seems to be my preferred process for transferring my story to paper, but I was curious to know how other writers attack the same task. ...
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I just got a story idea. I have not the skill or the time to capitalize on it so I'm hoping one of you does. Perhaps this has been done before? Imagine that Adolf Hitler tied World War II. Lets say the US didn't enter the battle because Hitler negotiated a treaty and both sides stuck to it. The...
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My muse is a pretty eclectic gal. She likes EVERYTHING.  Over the course of the past 25 years, I've written short stories, novels, poetry, prose poems, song lyrics, radio drama, stage plays, screenplays, reviews, essays, rants and just about anything else you can name--except haikus and limericks...
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Why is it?  I always seem to find so many other things, besides writing, that need my attention. There is the house to clean, the pets to take care of, the laundry, shopping, bills, gardening, mowing, shoveling snow, making calls, paperwork, and more, much, much more. I'm thinking that writing is...
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I've been busy as a mom these past months, and my muse went on an extensive vacation. Right now, however, I'm trying to work on my fanfiction WIPs, as they must be dealt with before I can move forward.  My goal, tiny as it may be, is to get one chapter of up by the end of this week. Considering...
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I often get e-mail from writers I don't know asking for advice. If the e-mail seems sincere I try to answer it sincerely. I do sometimes get angry missives on how unfair and/or archaic the publishing industry is, and I admit that I don't always answer those. They seem to be more of a way to let off...
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This model is mute. She is his muse while she is silent. The only sounds permitted are those in the writer’s imagination. The sound of her beating heart, her trembling lips, her whispering hair, the creak of neck bones as she nods in approval. Staring back at him, she sees all and loves every...
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This week I got to the end of the second book, a memoir. At least in terms of the 25-year-long story of friendship I wanted to tell. It's just the first draft and a rewrite is definitely required.  However, it's a huge accomplishment and represents seven months of solid writing, with a year of ...