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When you walk in the sun, no matter how hot, remember the winter that's been.  -daw
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I tweaked and messed around with my poem, Dream House, for twenty years before submitting it for publication last year.  It was rejected twice and accepted on the third go round by Grey Sparrow Press.  I submitted my poem, Jellyfish Dance, the day I wrote it in January. It was also accepted by Grey...
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Muse: (noun): a source of inspiration Little Girl Running, Moving with the Muse In Jim Scott Bell’s excellent and easily readable book, The Art of War for Writers, he talks about his new-found way of coping with a sedentary profession (writing). He says, “I bought a treadmill. It sits right...
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it is the same each night and each early morning he waits until she's deeply asleep snoring delicately as only a satisfied wife can then he creeps into the study in socks to deaden the sound and opens the hidden hardcover notebook to a new page he carefully notes the date and the time and then...
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I find my muse likes to sway to music and needs a certain sound of a cantar or bard to get her flowing. She usually loves the sounds of something sexy, hard and hot when I need an emotional scene. I find myself turning on Bon Jovi.  Go figure! But it works and out pours sensuality onto paper. Of...
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Artistic types often make reference to “the Muse” that inspires their work, and writers are no different. I have three—my Seren-kitty, the Magical-dawg, and my first furry love who lives on in my heart. Having a “furry muse” isn’t restricted to pet writers. Many literary giants shared their hearts...
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When I succumb to his advances, I weep in orgasmic ecstasy at the expression of truth in it's purest form, but I have always paid a price for the sweet drug he gives me.  His half-year visits always end the same, with a completed book and my soul sliced open by an ice cold razor blade.  When the...
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Happy Valentine's Day!  It's "Monday Mentions" and I'm pleased to intorduce you to a very talented author, humor writer, social media maven, and terrific speaker (how's that for a build up?), my friend Dena Harris. That's her in the picture, and you can follow her blog and on Twitter (@...
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When I in still place/ I have a muse, she washes/ Stillness, pen  dormat-daw/   Photo in my mind/ Washes a certain stillness/ Pen like its dormant-daw/   Stillness sometimes does not bring on the picture or word or words that resonate with the haiku.  I have to force feed the poetry.  It...
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This morning as I stared into the face of my grinning German shepherd and dodged his bruising tail flagellations, I envied him. And I envied my Siamese wannabe who still hadn’t roused herself from her daily 16-plus-hour sleep marathon. I mean, I really had a moment of green-eyed angst that Magic...