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      REPORTER: You’ve heard about the Oklahoma teens who –       CYNIC. Killed for kicks? Very disturbing. Senseless but unfortunately not very surprising given the gun glut and the ease with which they are stolen. These young people have grown up in a moral vacuum....
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                What a fool I was in Bush Poodles are Murder to give sleuth Belle Palmer’s friend a breast cancer “scare.” Nothing serious. Not the real thing. A false positive mammogram that led to a perfectly fine ultrasound. The...
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Morgen Bailey, the talented and intrepid Brit interviewer, asked me what happened on my tenth birthday morning. How did she know?   Lou: Perhaps it started on my tenth birthday in Cleveland in 1955. “Wake up, Louise. Georgia has been murdered. I want you to go to the store for bacon.” Morgen:...
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I spend most of my day prowling the Internet for organizations that work with people who were sexually abused, especially as children. I contact as many as I can to see if they would be willing to start a Lamplighter chapter in their area. Our Lamplighter movement currently has 68 chapters in...
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  12/20/2009                        Hi Everyone..                           I have a new book out, titled: " Clara Layten - The Chelsea Murders "                                                                                          Isbn # 978-1-4489-2515-5...
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I do not fear dark places, perhaps because I grew up with them. My father was a stickler for turning off unnecessary lights to save power and to please him (and to avoid the rod) I learned to navigate stairways and hallways in the dark. This came in handy as I grew older and began to take long...