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I think my old Dad used to listen to a band called the Sexy Pistols. Way back before that last wave of really great bands came out of Scotland. He says the Pistols were from London – which is pretty hard to believe as now all that comes outta London these days is gay comedians, bagpipe rock, and...
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  My web site has a new address: http://peggylandsman.com/ There's a new Audio Poems page and I have put nine new poems on the poetry page.  To listen to some original music by my personal Muse, go to http://rdlogan.com/ Come visit! Enjoy!
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Popular media references to the 1960s musical British Invasion headed by history-changing acts like the Beatles and Rolling Stones are far more common--at least on the U.S. side of the planet--than references to the corresponding African America's Rhythm and Blues invasion of the United Kingdom...