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A while ago I wrote about the Dome in Pleasant Hill was in trouble. Developers wanted to tear down the theater and--let's get the giggling done now--put up a Dick's Sporting Goods Store. Since I am an eternal optimist who thought that hey, Pleasant Hill would not tear down a beloved landmark, I...
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My hometown Pleasant Hill doesn't have a main street, doesn't have a Luke's Diner where everyone goes to eat (google Gilmore Girls for this reference) it doesn't even have the Central library in Contra Costa anymore, but one thing hasn't changed: We had the Dome. If you never lived in Pleasant...
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There is no urgent need to read these words. They won't teach you how to build or fix anything. Nor will they inspire you to change your life. No sign of any paranormal zombies making insignificant love will appear between these lines. Neither will I attempt a cute, digital age push toward "...