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  "I love George Roy Hill and Universal Pictures, who made a flawless translation of my novel Slaughterhouse-Five to the silver screen," said Kurt Vonnegut in Film Comment in 1985.  "I drool and cackle every time I watch that film because it is so harmonious with what I felt when I...
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 (This is one in a series of blogs on frequently asked question that I posted on MySpace when I began that blog, then later on my own site.) I get a lot of questions about this one.  
Q: What did I think of the movie version of Pay It Forward? A: I thought the book was better.  Then again, I would...
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Only time for a quick post today, and it's designed to get fellow author Jim Hines in trouble: Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play a role in a movie adaptation of Jim's newest book The Stepsister Scheme. Please note the way in which I have asserted this to be fact, despite Jim's (clearly specious--...