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  I do not know where the impulse to travel comes from but I have always had it bad, ever since I was four or five. A Vietnamese child living in the Mekong Delta, I remember listening to my French-educated father's stories of snow -on the gilded bridges across the Seine; in the well-groomed...
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half inchof water flowingover stonesmy heart smoothedby the movement ~today's prompt was to write a remix. I chose yesterday's poem.PAD prompt 
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Last night I gamely proposed To my doubting husband and limping leg To begin running At first as far as Our next door neighbor-- 15 feet perhaps, Gradually working past Two more neighbors' doors-- 40 feet maybe, Ably rounding pavement beyond Eight neighbors' doorways-- 150 feet perchance,...
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Many writers feel called to write books that inspire others to create change. Maybe you are one of them. If so, your book might cause readers to change their personal lives, habits, work, health, relationships, thinking, or spiritual practice. Or your book might move them to create change in...
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I can't sleep, its been ongoing for a bit now.  I wake in the middle of the night, with so many things going through my head.  Not normal day-to-day things but watching energy work on the earth plane, lectures and talks in the off worlds.  I think always sometimes I just literally "...
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Unless you dictate verbally into some sort of recording machine, it is difficult to write whilst on your feet and mobile. I do not write at the best of mobile times, regardless the vehicle and whether it is on land, sea, or in the air. I would think that train travel would be the most conducive to...
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This commentary is rated MA for mature audiences. It contains some foul language, although honestly, only so much as is needed to get the damned point across. Parental discretion is advised… Attention to all self-proclaimed liberals and progressives. I would like to properly introduce you to a...
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  The Issue of Dreams Good Day my spiritual friend, Here, I desire to speak to you regarding hope and dreams' that is to say, a dream can be, to one, as an opiate or an inspiration. To another, it can be the world of make-believe by which the coward escapes reality; or it can be a star lighting up...
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I find grace in many places. On walks in the woods, while singing with my 100 year old Grandmother, in poems, in hospitals where people struggle to get better every day. Grace is with us in the darndest places if we only stop to acknowledge it. Despite a recent illness and job loss, I have many...
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My morning starts with Mozart. I put four sonatas interpreted by Matsuko Uchida in my player. The sun is not up yet, it is 4 am. Parkinson alters the natural rhythm of sleep, and I frequently wake up in the middle of the night. I like it, for it is quiet. I can hear myself think, and Mozart. His...