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Cat and mouse.At my bedroom doorway,The corpse.
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Last night, I read to my son Laura Numeroff's book, "If You Take A Mouse To The Movies".  We both love this book but I imagine for different reasons.  We mutually enjoy the Christmas theme.  But while my son loves the colorful illustrations and cute mouse, I appreciate the mouse's...
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Someone wrote to me last week and mentioned the non-Joyo 鼠 (ねずみ: mouse). I'll enlarge it so that you have a prayer of seeing it: 鼠 A mortar jumped out at me! That is, although I had seen 鼠 several times before, I had never noticed that the top part is exactly like 臼 (mortar). Because I've...
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Invented by a team of researchers led by Doug Engelbart at the Stanford Research Institute in California in 1968, computer’s most dynamic input device, the “mouse”, has entered into its 40's on Monday, December 1, 2008. Image Credit: SRIThis Week, The Mouse Turns Forty Just when you feel you have...