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Today's Favorite Film post comes from award-winning poet, editor, and publisher, Ellen Wade Beals A favorite movie, and source of solace, is the French film, King of Hearts, directed by Philipe de Broca, and scripted by Daniel Boulanger from a concept by Maurice Bessy. It came out in the United...
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Now that the Oscars are over, and The Artist has won best picture, I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest some other films that celebrate the art of filmmaking.  Sherlock, Jr.  (1924) dir. by Buster KeatonKeaton is a projectionist who falls asleep at work and enters the film he’s...
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Dennis Batchelder of Bellevue, Washington is a writer and contributor on Amazon.com. He has 37 reviews to his credit. One of his latest subjects involves must-read books for the average person looking to make a purchase. I’m happy to report Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History has made the list. ...