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Some short stories tell simple tales to immediate effect. Others draw the reader deeper, leaving a lingering taste on the tongue or haunting music in the air. Cheryl Snell's tales in this collection belong to that second type. Bounded at both ends by the song of a harmonica, the author creates...
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Fred Branfman emerged from the jungles of Laos carrying a heavy load. He wasn’t weighed down with ammunition, guns or rations. The international volunteer, who had been in and out of Laos for over three years, was burdened with something far greater than goods or a heavy backpack. What he...
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I had to take a few moments and think about this subject. No, I don't think think there have been any specific famous woman who has influenced me. First off I came up with Male role models of the type who no longer exist, ie; John Wayne,Hoppy,Gene,Roy.Robert Michum, John Kennedy,Audie Murphy,Alvin...
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I was in deep sleep last night and suddenly woke up lifting my head in darkness. I saw mom standing by the doorway watching me.  I went right back to sleep… Was I dreaming or did she really come to visit?  I should have stayed awake so we could chat but I was so groggy, all I remember is seeing...
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See what had happened was.... I'd spent about 2 1/2 hours in front of my battered, bruised, very loud and seriously outdated desktop pouring out my most intimate thoughts about how after the death of my mother, I'd gone completely bonkers. As I was editing, I actually began wondering how I'd been...
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I woke up to this lovely gift today: http://marinagraphy.com/book-reviewshivas-arms-cheryl-snell/ Thanks, Marina!
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The 24 Hour Flu Was what she called it for weeks: all night popcorn, all night kitchen-wall scouring, all night swearing and weeping with her hand over the stove's red ringlets.And then little blue pills with sugar and coffee to help my headache. We traded lipsticks in hotel parking lots, me in...
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Hundreds of toxic chemicals, including PCBs, DDT, endocrine disrupters, and dioxins — to name just a few — are showing up in mothers’ and their newborn babies’ bodies. These chemicals, found in everyday household products, can get absorbed during a typical morning routine. Consider this scenario: ...
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When I’m standing in front of the icebox I don’t know whether I came to put something in it or take something out.  At the mailbox, I can’t remember if I wanted to put a letter in or get the mail. These days I don’t think very well. It confuses me, all this forgetting. Mother reads the yellowed...
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Over the last five years my daughter has attended day care.  Literally, at 13 weeks old I dropped her off for the first time and headed to work in the hopes that the woman caring for her was truly all I had been told she was.  It’s hard to find the words to describe how extremely difficult it is...