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Mother's death | Mother's death

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"So what?” you may well ask. For starters, I'm a better writer. Plus, I've finished my first novel, "Hummingbird" starring PI McElroy (yay!).  The third edit of which was critiqued by my distinguished professor at Iowa Writers Workshop, who said that even after a solid two weeks of reading...
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We have a big kettle of memories that settle inside us on simmer, quietly refusing to reach boil, reluctant to allow the whistle to blow, content to, most of the time at least, allow nothing to touch them, to disrupt the mellow sense of acceptance. Now and then though they do surface and it is only...
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When I get home from school the house is a little topsy turvy but it's okay, I've gotten used to it, the disarray, the fact that I'm not a full-time Mom anymore and I've realised that everything gets done in time - nothing to get too worked up about  and because I was celebrating the final pastry...