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I believe that creativity is contagious, and if we’re lucky enough to have caught it, even just a little, we need to enjoy it and pass it on, every chance we get. I'm not a “good artist” in the typical sense. I don’t even finish most of what I start, but my art is successful simply...
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"Mothers are all slightly insane," Holden Caulfield says at one point in The Catcher in the Rye. I always knew what he meant. It was never a quote that I puzzled over. In five words, he nailed it. Yes, mothers are all slightly insane, some more slightly than others. They're insane because they can...
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When Willy Vlautin’s first book, Motel Life, came out, I brought it with me to the beach house where my family (parents, siblings, spouses, kids, etc.) meet up for a week every summer. I read it in an afternoon, loved it, and passed it on. By the end of the week no less than six people across three...
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Her face is thin, pale white hues and misguided light. It all pulls me in; her short brown hair, her almond eyes, and that pre-cancerous spot that sits just above her right cheekbone. Her smile curves to the right when she's nervous, the ends curve cheek to cheek when she is happy, and her left...
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A veteran, according to the dictionary, is a person that has served in the armed forces.  Veterans that have had direct exposure to acts of military conflict are often called war veterans. I am married to a veteran.  I have family and friends that are either veterans or war veterans....
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Parental Support When praising single working moms who can get it all done, we may be sending the wrong message to other single parents without the support of a spouse or other family member, and who have a tough time meeting all of their responsibilities. Having help raising children from a...
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When I speak   My pain lives inside my voice In my tone In my words   I didn't realize  the stones thrown at me Fall from between my teeth   My tongue Exposes all the baggage  I thought  long let go   The tiny hurts drip from my lips   The too many lies...
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  My Mom Dying, Breaking Down at Ikea, & NPRBy David Sterry on October 6, 2005 in Blog, Mini-memoir   http://www.davidhenrysterry.com/102/
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Over the last few weeks I have an opportunity to spend a considerable amount of one on one time with my son, Ryan.  An injury a little over a month ago required several trips to Portland together, which afforded us one on one time that I don’t typically have. When you are outnumbered by your...
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I check my Stat Counter and my Google stats frequently to see what subject matter I os most interest to my readers. This week it was ‘mothers’.  It called up a myriad of emotions. I have what I call PM and AM time in my mind. The PM time refers to Pre-molestation and the AM is After-...