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Most embarrassing high school photo blog | Most embarrassing high school photo blog

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Every teen has his moments of angst...those times when he wishes the floor would open up and swallow him.  Okay, maybe not every teen, but I know I was that kind of teen. I never felt comfortable in my skin, and was always sure that I was being made fun of.  Perhaps had I not been the scrawniest...
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This week, Red Room asked its members to post their most embarrassing photo from adolescence. We got some great ones, and even the bloggers who didn't have a photo from that era to share told some great stories about when they had an embarrassing moment that should have been caught on film. Three...
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First day of school is always exciting, at least for me. The minty smell of new school paste, pencil shavings as I shove virgin pencils into the grinder, chalk dust and, in 1969, going to high school are the highlights of the new school year. Elementary and junior high school is behind me and I'm...