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I am seeking Black/African and African American authors to interview for my More Black Success ebooks.  This includes authors from the African continent and Diaspora. If you are a Black author and would like to be interviewed about your work, please send me a message.   See also:  Books for Truth-...
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More Black Success Volume 6 features a very moving article by Dena Strong about mentoring young people. If you are involved in mentoring, or would like to be, you will want to check out her 10 Tips for Mentors. Plus, for online entrepreneurs, Larry Beacham writes about How to Deliver Value to Your...
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Every day in the papers and on TV, we get the bad news.  Murders, political intrigue and corruption, the state of the economy. Let's  celebrate Black success.  All around us are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Our children need to be reflected in positive ways, not just the negative...
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One of the things I love about publishing the More Black Success free ebooks is that I can help promote other African American authors.  I find it so heartwarming and inspiring to read about Black businesses and community projects, and to have the opportunity to spread the word about them.   For...