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late Januaryand a neighborhood gatestill festoonssilver tinsel garlands -magic against the moonlit snow   January 2014: Mindful Writing Challenge
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Sun-kissed, sunbathe, suntan, a sunny disposition. Good morning, Sunshine.   And what of the Moon? In his magical book, Portrait of the Gulf Stream, Erik Orsenna tells us that the Moon is getting further away from the Earth.  No wonder.  There is only so much...
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I close my eyesand I see your face,a mere glimpse-half- shadowed in the moonlight Warm breath caresses my cheekas your mouth seeks mine-drawing sweet nectar frombetween the petals of our lips. Hearts create their own rhythm,keeping perfect time,as we swim together side by sidein the deep ocean of...
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Thanks SO much for all of your votes last month!!! Moonlight made it through to the second round in Kensington Publishing's Writing with the Stars contest... :-) But we need your votes again to make it to the next round of competition in December... Will you please click below and Vote for...
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Hi everyone!!! The voting is finally open for the Kensington Brava Writing with the Stars contest!!! Please go vote for Moonlight... http://www.rtbookreviews.com/content/writing-stars-vote-first-paragraph-and-last-line I really appreciate all your support!!! :) The voting is open until October...
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Kelly's in the Moonlight today! Stop by and read Kelly's entertaining interview on Moonlight Lace and Mayhem.  http://www.moonlightlacemayhem.blogspot.com/  
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  Hi Everyone - This is my first Red Room Blog...  I set up this account over a year ago, but sadly I hadn't takent he time to get familiar with it, so here it sat covered in cobwebs. But that's all about to change! The BIG NEWS is that out of 500 manuscripts, my novel, Moonlight, was selected as...
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Stop by and visit me  as I am a guest of Gracen Miller today.  She asks the coolest interview questions! http://moonlightlacemayhem.blogspot.com/2009/12/twilight-thursday-with-kelly-abell.html   Kelly www.kellyabellbooks.com P.S.  My novels are on sale on my website for 10% off through 12/21/...
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 Light My Fire Happy for no reason; lighted candles dress up my mood this way. So does moonlight and starlight and turn your head smiles. Sorry if you thought this post was jogging a different direction. I’ll try not to steer you wrong. You see, I have this aversion to those who buy candles and...
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Last February I was on a 'virtual' book tour that included eighteen 'stops', consisting of reviews, interviews, and guest blog posts.  Despite the fact that I never had to leave my home, the tour was surprisingly hard work, time consuming, and a lot of fun. On Monday, I started a second tour, this...