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I hope everyone is enjoying their legendary St. Joseph's Day cream puffs! (Visit Catholic Cuisine for what seems like an "official" recipe -- if you're in the mood for baking today!) I just wanted to drop in and say a quick "hello" because I am starting a new course in school today and much...
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  A Japanophile acquaintance, David, stopped by my office last week, hoping to see the "nerve center" of Joy o' Kanji, as he put it! He brought me three kanji books, as well as Japanese desserts associated with a moon-viewing (月見, つきみ) festival. Image Credit: N yotarou Harvest...
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Andy Williams was a classic vocalist of Standards for seven decades. He was also a likeable personality on television, while having a tumultuous personal life. Andy was part of a sibling quartet called The Williams Brothers in the 1940s. They appeared in films, and songs that were part of...