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June 1     I’m not Brian     I thought life was based on a system of ‘I will suffer and that will exempt you’.  Then I would be horrified when you suffered, after I had already done so ahead of you.  In an attempt to ease my dismay I would look to see who had broken...
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I am obviously a bad boy (or a slacker) for I have read but one of these books - To The Lighthouse byVirginia Woolf . And I didn't find it difficult at all - in fact, I've read it twice. And I have been planning to read Finnegans Wake for decades. Really, I have.  As for philosophy - well...
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  May 30   FROZEN STRAWBERRIES     “I have them in the freezer,” I tell my sponsor. “I’m sure you do.  When are you going to take them out and reenact spring?” her retort. “I don’t want to take them out before I’m ready.  I don’t want them to go to waste.” “Oh, the...
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In their book The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow declare that Philosophy is dead. When I read that, it reminds me of this scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail.
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I think I am just a normal guy but many people may well consider me rather crazy. Let me give you a few examples. I am the last person renting in my block of flats; When I look at my bank account I am reminded of Greek government bonds;In any case I hate having visitors; I very rarely visit people;...
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Dueling Economies 09/28/2010 3 Comment(s)   Please take a seat before continuing: the contemporary "privileged class" within Western developed nations no longer lives with and abides by free-market economics.  Yes, the free-market system, the economic model that brought us a dizzying...
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To the whole world, Terry Jones is a Florida pastor with a stack of Qurans and a book of matches, but every time I see his name in my web news feed, I can't help but think of Terry Jones from Monty Python. Here's my editorial on restoring the good name of Terry Jones to its Monty Python glories...
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Last week, the Red Room asked us to submit a blog addressing whether we agreed with Simone de Beauvoir when she wrote: "I wish that every human life might be pure, transparent freedom," or with her lifelong partner Jean Paul-Sartre's assessment that we're "condemned to be free...
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iBecause Brazil is a long movie and we started late at night, my wife and I watched Terry Gilliam's brightly-colored Orwellian masterpiece over two nights, which was both a good and bad idea--good because it allowed us a break to think about it and discuss it; wrong, because all good movies deserve...
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Some weeks ago, desire swept through me to see Monty Python's Spamalot (onstage through July 5 at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco). Elizabeth agreed and I e-vited her sister Margaret and her husband, Charles (a fan from the 1970s), who shouted affirmatively. I said I'd reserve the...