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  Z - A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, by Therese Anne Fowler   Have you ever wondered how the Lost Generation seemed through the eyes of a wife of one of those famed male writers? Therese Anne Fowler apparently did, and took up Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s cause in the process. By previous...
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bettnorris | Edit From the foot of Dexter Avenue, looking toward the capitol. Sometimes, it begins with an image in my head, sometimes, it starts with stumbling across an old photo, like this one. I lived in Montgomery for 13 years, and worked in a state building behind the...
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This photo is looking east, up Dexter Avenue from Commerce, in 1906 Montgomery, toward the state capitol. The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church is on the right, at the top of Dexter, not seen in the picture here. Is it my imagination or is that lamp post to the right of the fountain leaning? You can see...