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Natives of Southwest Louisiana (also known as Acadiana and Cajun Country) are currently experiencing a deluge of rain. Our local weatherman is calling it a "flood event." We're considered a large part of "hurricane country," so we're accustomed to torrential rains. The current...
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In the bustling Metropolitan of Mumbai, we have three seasons - hot-sweaty-dusty, wet-damp-cool, and hot-not-so-sweaty. What the Northern Hemisphere knows as the summer season, we know as the monsoons, or the wet-damp-cool season, between the months of June and September. Summer never really ends...
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My city fears rains now. Gone are the days when we looked forward to corn-on-the-cob being roasted over coals on carts and cups of ginger tea. In 2005, we were visited by a deluge that trapped people in cars for hours. Some suffocated and died. Homes got flooded, streets swept people off into...