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It's a bit of a hazy and extremely humid Monday in beautiful Corfu Greece. Its the type of sky that tells you a storm is on the way and one that is sure to last a few days. Back in the tennis days I knew I wouldn't be working for a few days and I'd probably be mad as hell about it but now that I'm...
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  It’s a rainy messy day in what is usually beautiful Corfu Greece. Most times the rain dampens my spirits but for some strange reason I'm feeling great! 1). When life serves you lemons make lemonade. At least that's what the old adage says. This past weekend I made enough lemonade to last a...
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Well, Monday, here you are again—a start to the five days that lead to Sunday. I’ve gotten used to you. I don’t dread you any longer. I try to find the joy in you and your other six brothers and sisters. Today, though, dear Monday, I’d like to have an extra day—just one more. I know this isn’t...
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Fried chickenmashed potatoesbrown gravycollard greens.Best fried chicken;not the best collard greens.Holy shit burger.Cozy celebration.   Dried chilies andtomatillosblendedinto a delicioussalsa for addingto everything.Finally,learned tips andproper technique. Latin Culture festival;bodies...
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Sunday, will you stay a little longer? Molasses inches out thick and slow like a snail  nibbling on a leaf.
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Photos: My table and chair, mentioned below.  (Notice the cool drawer in the first pic.)  Please comment or email and let me know exactly what these things are--year and model.  Guesses and approximations are okay.  Thanks!   Wrote and sent the author bio for a spec....
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There’s a slow feeling to this Monday morning. The fog has shown up in full cloak to cut the heat of the past few weeks—the heat that felt like big blocks of stifled air, yet I started to get used to it—the feel of my own breath being pulled into the hot vacuum of Summer. **...
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It's one of those random days when my schedule is under control and I'm not anxious, which is nice. There are lots of things I could do right now...there is a website waiting for an overhaul, because in these days of twitter we do and report on everything now. Our online presence is the only...
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There is an ache within every cell of my body, from the little toes on the edge of my feet, to the little fingers on the edge of my hands, to the ends of each strand of hair across the vast expanse that is my skin. The pleasant tingle of creation continues long after the final period is punched...
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Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of 26 novels and 6 short story collections. As of July 2006, she was the 11th woman to be inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame. She is also currently serving as teh Writerin Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. She...