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I always get dressed like a moron when I am heading to an art museum. The top half is formal, the legs are farmer. Or vice versa. I’m that guy who also ponders a hat. Like the museum is a James Cagney movie. I look on the website to check what the special exhibits are and to brush up on the...
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  (My spur of the moment Still Life With Lettuce Leaves and Plastic Wrap. The lettuce, in this case, is organic from the local farmer's market (going brown after 5 days)  the plastic wrap is from Costco. And see that slice of processed cheese? Individually wrapped it is,  Also from...
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A ten year-old Italian boy called Federico went to the Tate Modern with his mother.  When he saw Damian Hirst’s formaldehyde-pickled cows, he said, “That’s cruel.  Why didn’t they allow this calf to grow up and have calves of its own?” I was told about this occurrence over dinner, that...
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Got this email recently, had to share it: "Love the new YouTube page( http://youtu.be/3HXGnn3zkHU )and as I commented I would like to hear the section re Mulligan's cat & the DHSS man. I had just read this section from your book when my brother Bob and sisiter-in-law Lucilla called round. I was...
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On November 13, 2007 a minor painting by Andy Warhol sold for $21 million at a Christie’s auction of post-World War II and contemporary art, in New York City. My use of the word “minor” here reminds me of a remark Robert Craft made about Mozart’s early music, that because Mozart was so young when...