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On October 9, 2012 at Largo at the Coronet in LA we'll be filming the first-ever LDM TV pilot, as part of a star-studded double feature (Dexter's Michael C. Hall, the musician Moby, best-selling author Susan Orlean, and comedian/Marcel the Shell creator Jenny Slate are all on board...
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If the question had been put outright, my friend and I agreed, a supermajority would have voted on our side:Do you want to live in a nation where a few ultra-rich individuals own as much as everyone else put together, have carte blanche to use their wealth to shape public policy, yet feel...
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Maybe the greatest thing about writing a novel happens when you cross over into that trippy realm where everything you see and hear seems to fit eerily into your book: -Your fifteen year old nephew sends you a CD of his new band, "Hanging With Yoko" and you can't fucking believe it...