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In my head, I can still hear Mom’s voice. “Oh Nancy, if your head weren’t attached, you’d probably lose it, too.” It was sometimes said with a sigh, often in exasperation, and sometimes with a sad shake of her head.  She was right.  At times, I was careless with my possessions, and I did...
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                                                    The Quest Part II "Chant...Chant...Chant...Alleluia...Amen  Why hello my spiritual friend I see that you are all-packed and ready for your departure, I see you've acquired a bow, and a quiver full...are you an experienced archer?...
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RED MITTENS FROM WISCONSIN It's Mother's Day. That's a good thing, but it's not what touched me deeply today. My car was in dreadful shape, but being in a somewhat limited financial condition I had no actual hope of bettering my transportation options in the near future. One of my sons and his wife...