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There's an old mirror in my living room.  It doesn't hang on the wall and it's not something you could put in your purse.  It is framed in what my mother always called "solid" maple and it was part of a complete bedroom set.  It's been a part of my life all my life - except now, I...
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October 14     Matching   “Matching calamity for serenity,” is a task requiring attentive diligence.  Each tragedy has its unique blast pattern and necessitates a precisely cut cure.  Coverage is one concern and depth is another, the weight of the healing atmosphere must...
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Before I went to bed last night I asked for a dream, as I do when I want guidance from my unconscious. After all, the greater part of our psyche is out of sight, submerged, with only the top in view, which is why Freud used the image of an iceberg to depict the psyche, the submerged part having...
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Giovanna and Giovanni are getting married!  In discussing the relationship between reality and representation in the realistic post-war British noveI, I chose to draw an  analogy from the area of visual art. In “The Arnolfini Marriage,” a 1434 painting depicting Giovanni Arnolfini and his...
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  October 27   SLIPSTREAM       I look in the rearview mirror; I see the headliner and a river of road flowing out behind me.  Dual viewing is the kind gift of hindsight.  I can see my internal workings and the past laid bare.  The beauty and sadness can...
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When Victoria Johnson invited me to write a guest blog about what I would tell my 16-year-old self, I instantly had an image of  being sixteen and looking at myself in the mirror--an image I kept dismissing.   I had a template in my mind about what I should want to tell myself at that age...
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Hmmm... when I work with the Guides,  I ask questions however, many of the answers already lie within, and the Guides gently steer me back to my own understanding.  Most of us do have those answers, we just at times complicate our lives by trying to seek the answers from external sources...
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suck my momentum my thoughts my desires my warmth my hope from my soul ...leave me still absolute peace absolute zero wintered withered vanished vanquished  alone one ...as one, i desire another i split i see my mirror ...and once again forget        
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Okay, toss the dishwasher into the gorse bushes and pitch the washing machine into the bog. Break the string on your favourite set of beads and cast them into the wind, watch them as they blow north, a scattering of purples and jades, a burnished silver, dancing into the distance. Take the silver...
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Odd that a creative discipline dependent on sight should express itself in invisibility. But that's exactly what two very different artists are doing in Vancouver. Actually, they are both trying to make us conscious of what we DON'T see. I viewed the first exhibiting artist's work at the Vancouver...