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pattern-interruption workout: read, ask self: what pattern/schema did this break for me? (if any, that is)  1.If you don’t stop itIt’ll stop you.This I-less-nessIs self-destructive.2.There’s only one motive (I thought).That of well-being…But now that you are pointing a gun to my headI see that...
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When you lose everything it might seem that loss is all that’s left to identify with.  Loss is a situation not a state of mind.  Just like you weren’t what you had, you aren’t what you lost.  Nor are you what you owe.  Indenture isn’t identity.  A financial obligation does not oblige you to...
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1.I counted time.It doesn’t add up.No matter how long you swoosh this mouthful of life,The aftertaste of time ain’t gonna rinse out.2.At a bottom of a lake, I sit,Breathing through a straw,Divining what’s on the surface.They taught me tricks but they didn’t teach me how to un-trick them.So, I sit,...
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1.I am right now drawing zeros indefinitelyOn a dollar bill that I am yet to mint.Infinite wealth,Isn’t it?2.Hell no.Money’s just a symbol.3.Cash in your realityRight nowOr run the risk of inflation.The world’s expanding, you know…
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Gift shopping, gift wrapping, gift exchange, gift returns, gift disappointments – the logistics of this holiday endeavor are overwhelming and are part of the very stress that we are so much trying to avoid each and every holiday season.  If you are still looking for ideas on how not to sabotage the...
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Finally cold. Breaking the ice. Busted up my shin. First quality winter swim. Life - in all its non-news newness.  Another pattern of mindlessness melted.
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Being Means Being in Time A sense of being involves a degree of separateness from the rest of the world. After all, the verb “to exist” literally means to stand out. When you are present, your awareness of your own existence happens against the backdrop of time. Recall that time is really just...
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I’d like to offer you a meditation (if you read and visualize) or an actual exercise that you can do if it’s sunny outside.  Imagine that you’re walking down the sidewalk (or a trail) with the sun right behind you.  As you walk, you’ll be able to see your shadow right in front of you. In a manner...
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This is a “short-attention-span” blog for the minds on the go.  Simple format:  five pattern-interruption thoughts to help you stay awake.  Here we go: 1.  Kindness is nothing more than a willingness to be inconvenienced. 2. Whenever your nervous system learns all of the known false alarms, you...
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He calls it "the poetry wars." The little world of poetry. The pie, i.e., the poetry pie... there's never enough to go around. Awards, publications, readings, honors, "A" and "B" list parties... a slice of this, a slice of that. My distinguished friend tells me of a...