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When I asked a young friend for an image when I said the word "mobility," he said, "wheels." I thought, "What a descriptive image for that word." All around me I see folks zipping around in electric wheelchairs, bicycles pedaled by motor or hand, kids on skateboards or scooters, cars with...
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At first I was pissed. I trailed my friend into the cabin of the Happy Hooker, but only one seat was left. She made herself comfortable. Turning around, my fourteen year old son and I found an empty bench on the open deck of the boat and settled in for the long ride. It was a cold and cloudy day in...
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Mind occupies itself, no matter how much it protests itself. Self tries to evict itself, in vain.
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Can taking one, small step really change your life? Proponents of kaizen think so. (And for the record, so do I.) Kaizen is a means of making great and lasting change through small, steady increments. Kaizen's practical roots are based in the Japanese management concept for incremental (gradual...
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So, you've set your sight on getting in better shape this year. Losing weight and working out are at the top of your New Year's resolutions list. And you are determined to follow through this year. But as you pop the Jane Fonda "Prime Time -- Fit & Strong" disk into the DVD player, you catch...
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While 'watching' my emotions go all over the place, I've taken a greater interest into what affects my moods. Getting into that detail, first understanding that things affect my mood, was the first step - becoming mindful and aware. Why they affected my mood and what I could do about it...
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In the coming weeks, the No. 1 question most of us will be asked is, "What did you get?" While the Christmas season is rooted in the Christian faith -- a faith that teaches benevolent and charitable giving -- Buddha, too, offered a succinct lesson in giving and getting. When we give to others,...
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WERE I POET LAUREATE I'D OFFER HAIKU TO KIDS Were I poet laureate, I'd make it official news: haiku is the most universal global poetic form of the 21st century.  It's also democratic ... empowering ... & fun enuf!  It's not without precedent. When Robert Hass assumed incumbency as...
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Introducing silence into your life may not only counterbalance the stress effect, it may help you achieve mindful awareness and inner peace. Several months ago I interviewed Anne D. LeClaire, author of "Listening Below the Noise." The book -- part memoir, part philosophical reflection -- is a...
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Every day while crafting hair and beauty at my studio or on the set of a film, television show or commercial, my clients expose their innermost thoughts and feelings about their looks -- often dissecting themselves from from head to toe. They often critique themselves (and others from the...