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Some things in life can simultaneously be exciting and scary. That’s how I felt yesterday as I prepared to participate in an hour-long radio interview. I tuned in a little earlier than my scheduled time to hear the previous guest and to get a feel of the conversation; after listening for a moment,...
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At my epistemological best, I am a lucid dreamer, dreaming that I am awake. At my epistemological worst, I am blissfully asleep, believing in a distinction between fact and fiction. At my epistemological middle, I am the sound of one skull breathing and snoring.
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Zoo hypothesis is “the untestable hypothesis that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial civilization whose members have left no signs of their visits, presumably because they did not wish to disturb the development of the primitive life-forms they found. Such visitors might even be...
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Tonight the sky is sweeping colors through its vast space. There is a soft green light to the night, and the blues fading with whites quietly lulling the sun to sleep remind me of my father. What must his mind be like now?, does it search like a person would for that one thing they are certain they...
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Reading C. Jung's newly released Red Book, I stumble upon the following pithy notion: We create the meaning of events.  The meaning is and always was artificial.  We make it. Events have no meaning.  The meaning of events is the way of salvation that you create. (C. Jung, Red Book, p. 239) "...
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Poem (by Charlene Balcom, Reflections/Shadows on the Shoji/Hokuseido Press, 1936): As you reached into the lotus pond, I saw the reflection Of a young willow Trailing slender branches In the water. Poetic Interpretation: Lotus pond is post-Narcissism, it reflects no ego: when you look into the...
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Informed consent: I've got this blog on my mind. I think it can explain some things about our culture of Low Fidelity and all that Tiger Woods/Jesse James cheating jazz but I'd have to go a bit wide with it, a bit sociological, rather than psychological. So, it's going to be a bit long. I'll have...
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I know you’ve been caught too long polishing a mirror you didn’t want to be reflected in.Been in that mirror myself, the Polisher.My slave-Slavic DNA of consciousness tells me: neither I, the slave, nor my master are what the mirror of Nonduality reflects.We both, I and my master, are free.I know...
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The dream folded itself around me; a sort of psychic blanket. It seemed I had known this dream for centuries, though certainly, time is simultaneous. It had a feminine character, whereas mine is masculine. Though certainly, gender matters not at all. It (she) liked me, and I liked her. This morning...
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Angel Books Angel Books: How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue The Book of Angels by Todd Jordan Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson An Angel Set Me Free by Dorothy Chitty. The Glory of...