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“There is no such thing as ancient wisdom; it is always new.”Thus Spake Aforista. Count on the Postfuturist Sage Aforista to say something strident, hyperbolic, and even untrue. Of course there is such a thing as ancient wisdom, and of course we all need to be mindful of it in this speed-of-light...
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  photo: Noomi Rapace, about to terrify.  From rogerebert.com.   Overall this second film of the series was better than the very good first film, which makes sense, as the second novel in the series was superior to the first.  I suspect that the American version of the second...
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Prologue "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains." ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau "The desire to be as civil as possible is a deep motive for the contemplative life." ~M. Scott Peck In Geneva today, the human creative spirit is not in chains. One is invited to let one's...