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The military spouse entries at www.yourmilitary.com to "Tell-Your-Own-Story" were so heart-felt that it was decided to give military spouses more time to enter. The original contest deadline was only three weeks after the contest was announced. And when writing about such significant or...
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I'm excited to be a partner in this contest beginning today for military spouses to tell their own stories. Here's the press release going out on PRWeb: The season 2 premiere of Lifetime's ARMY WIVES television series is the occasion of a new contest sponsored by military relocation service...
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In my last post I promised to describe more of my interview with Anita Rufus of the Anita Rufus Show on KNewsRadio in Palm Springs, California. And I’ll get to that promise in a moment. First I want to share something I just learned – today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. According to...