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military-industrial complex | military-industrial complex

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If the murder of JFK had ever been seriously prosecuted, there would have been plenty of suspects to indict…most of them with connections to what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex.” One of the primary suspects would have been D.H. Byrd, Dallas millionaire/businessman and...
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It doesn't help-      when we invade before exhausting diplomatic options, fostering violence      and undermining trust and respect for America at home and abroad.   It doesn't help-      when we depend on barbaric cultures for vital...
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I was thrilled to see a new film on one of my heroes (and I am a woman of few heroes, it must be admitted), the great writer and thinker Paul Goodman, who died in 1972. Watching Jonathan Lee's Paul Goodman Changed My Life was like spending an hour and half in the company of an open flame, radiating...